Q & A

Q: Where are Creek Guitars built ?

A: Creek Guitars are crafted entirely in Japan. Creek's skilled luthiers build, set up, and age the instruments to our demanding standards.

Q: What strings come with your guitars ?

A: Our luthiers use D'Addario light gauge phosphor bronze, .012 - .053.

Q: What is the torrefaction process ?

A: The torrefaction is a unique heat treatment to the wood, employed to extract oil and resin to bring cellular change to the material. The result is that the material becomes more rigid and lighter in weight, similar to the wood in a fine vintage guitar. The torrefied wood also gets darker in color and has a delightful fragrance. At Creek Guitars, only the the most select woods are chosen for torrification, making a great piece of tonewood even better.

Q: Why do you choose Adirondack Spruce ?

A: Adirondack is a family of spruce, sometimes called red spruce, grown in eastern North America. It is an extremely strong and stiff tonewood with a powerful and well-balanced sound. It was the preferred choice of legendary pre-war dreadnaught guitars built by Gibson and Martin. At Creek Guitars, our wood is sourced from the same suppliers used by Americas top luthiers.

Q: Where can I buy a Creek guitar ?

A: Please refer to the link for available stores: 【Dealer List